Suzanne Lafleur Klok, an attorney, founded the nonprofit after her mother was diagnosed with cancer. Her decision was solidified when she received a message from a friend undergoing cancer treatment who needed a simple will and durable powers of attorney. Not long after, another friend reached out for the same help for her father. In both situations, the cancer patients could not afford the cost to prepare a simple will and durable power of attorney while battling cancer.  One was unemployed due to her cancer treatments, and the other was on a low fixed income. Understanding how stressful the situation was, she decided to help. Many lawyers are able to draft a simple will and durable powers of attorney so why not provide a service to someone in need, and the concept was born.

What does Clauses4Causes™ do?
We match law firms, who are insured, to participate in our nonprofit initiative. The law firms agree to take one patient at a time and offer the patient a simple will, living will, healthcare power of attorney and durable power of attorney as a way to give back to their community. We accept cancer patient applications online, receive physician’s verification of treatment, and match the patients with our law firm providers.
Who qualifies for service?
Women and men, eighteen years of age or older, currently undergoing treatment for cancer.
I am a cancer patient, how do I apply?
Please go to the Patient’s tab and apply to begin the application process. Once a law firm match is found, you will be asked to submit a physician’s note to Clauses4Causes™ indicating that you are undergoing treatment for cancer.
Where are you located?
The organization is headquartered in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina. The application process is handled through our website, not through our providers’ locations. Please do not contact the law firm directly. We handle the application process on their behalf.
Can I apply for someone else?
No, you cannot apply for someone else given the nature of the services and patient confidentiality. Please be aware that during the application process we ask for patient information such as email, name, address, and contact info. There is also a release of liability waiver that needs to be approved. The last step is a physician must upload a letter stating the patient is being treated for cancer. Clauses4Causes cannot call the physician’s office to verify treatment.
Other questions?
If your question was not answered above, please email us at