Make a Difference!

Often we ask ourselves,  “How can we make a difference?”  Now you have a way to do it. Cancer is scary but having a simple will and durable powers of attorney will relieve some of the stress of the situation for the patient and their family.

This nonprofit initiative was started to enlist the participation of law firms to provide a simple will and durable powers of attorney, at no charge, to men and women battling cancer.

Participating law firms provide services to at least one patient every three months at no cost to the patient.  This is a service limited to a simple will, living will, healthcare power of attorney and financial power of attorney. Estate analysis and more complex document preparation is not included. Please make sure you provide a limited scope attorney agreement for Clauses4Causes™ cancer patients. Are you a lawyer that would like to donate your experience to your community?  We would love for you to join the effort.